Registering with B-with-us

The B-with-us scheme operates a single housing register across the Pennine Lancashire sub-region. Anyone aged 16 or over can register to be considered for available housing for rent through the scheme's partner organisations.

To register with B-with-us, you need to apply online and will be allocated a unique registration number. It is important that you go on to complete a social housing application after you have done your initial registration.
Your application will be assessed and you will receive a letter informing you of your band and application status. Once your application is active you can begin to make your selections.


Anyone aged 16 or over is eligible to apply to be put on the CHR (common housing register), except:

  • Asylum seekers who are waiting for a decision

  • People whose immigration status does not allow them to apply to services which depend on public funds and

  • People who have previously been guilty of unacceptable behaviour. This could include anti-social behaviour or neighbourhood nuisance

However, 16 & 17 year old applicants will be suspended until they have reached their 18th birthday or until an appropriate Ready to Move form has been received from a B-with-us approved support provider. Please contact your nearest housing office for more information.