Prioritising applications

When we receive an applications it will be assessed and placed in one of the five bands listed in the table below. Within each band applications will be placed in date order, with the application with the oldest date having the highest priority. The date that is normally used is the date your application was placed in your current band (effective date).

How Applications are Prioritised (Bands)

The reasons why an application may be given a particular band are shown below.  Where an application qualifies as having need in more than one band the highest band will be applied.



 Band 1

  • Statutorily homeless
  • Homeless prevention
  • High medical need
  • Care Leavers
  • Decanting – for improvements or demolition
  • Applicants subject to clearance / closing order
  • Occupants served with a prohibition notice by Environmental Health

All band 1 application, excluding medical and care leavers, will be ring fenced to their respective local authority areas. Exceptional cases will be dealt with, on a case by case basis, by the local authority and registered housing provider dealing with the customer.

 Band 2

  • Households who are owed the prevention or relief duty in relation to homelessness - this will only be awarded by a participating local authority
  • Applicants who are occupying insanitary housing and the local authority has served an Improvement Notice
  • Occupational Therapist referral for significant adaptations to the property that cannot be fitted in the existing home or it is not considered reasonable to do so ( to be assessed on a case by case basis by B-with-us partner organisation staff)
  • Applicants needing to move away from a particular locality, where they would be at risk of harm if they didn't, including:
    • Applicants subject to domestic abuse or threats of domestic abuse
    • Applicants subject to any form of hate crime
    • Applicants residing in a refuge or safehouse

 Band 3

  • Households found to be intentionally homeless or non-priority need
  • Applicants needing to move to a particular locality, where hardship would be caused if they didn't, including:
    • Applicants who need to move to commence employment and/or specialist education
    • Applicants who need to move to give or receive support
    • This priority is only valid for bids made on properties within a designated area
  • Applicants who need to move on medical or welfare grounds, including:
    • Applicants diagnosed with a medical condition that is affected by their current home
    • Applicants whose disability impairs their ability to live in their current home
  • Applicants who occupy insanitary or overcrowded housing or otherwise living in unsatisfactory housing conditions:
    • Applicants that lack one or more bedrooms
    • Applicants occupying a home which is subject to a Category One Hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, which is unlikely to be remedied within six months
    • Licensee's
    • Applicants sharing facilities with non-household members (including living room, kitch, bathroom, WC)
    • Applicants living in B-with-us approved supported accommodation in Pennine Lancashire, where they and their support provider are in agreement they are ready to move on (additional priority will also be awarded to applicants in supported accommodation who are ready to move on)

   For the purpose of this policy, households living with parents will not be classed as Licensees.


 Band  4



  • Partner Organisation Transfer applicants who are under-occupying by one or more bedrooms
 Band 5
  • All other applicants who do not qualify for any of the criteria above