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Prioritising applications

When we receive an applications it will  be assessed and placed in one of the four bands listed in the table below. Within each band applications will be placed in date order, with the application with the oldest date having the highest priority. The date that is normally used is the date your application was placed in your current band (effective date).

How Applications are Prioritised (Bands)

The reasons why an application may be given a particular band are shown below.  Where an application qualifies as having need in more than one band the highest band will be applied.



Band 1

  • Statutorily homeless
  • Homeless prevention
  • High medical need
  • Leaving care
  • Decanting – for improvements or demolition
  • Applicants subject to clearance / closing order
  • Occupants served with a prohibition notice by Environmental Health
  • Tenants of partner organisations under occupying by 2 or more bedrooms

All band 1 application, excluding medical and under occupation, will be ring fenced to their respective local authority areas. Exceptional cases will be dealt with, on a case by case basis, by the local authority and registered housing provider dealing with the customer

Band 2

  • Tenants of a partner organisations under occupying by 1 bedroom
  • Applicants who are overcrowded by two or more bedrooms
  • Households ‘moving on’ from an approved B-with-us supported accommodation provider, who have been assessed as ready to live independently
  • Applicants leaving a Refuge (unless they meet Homeless Duty criteria in which case they will be awarded Band 1).Must have stayed in refuge for a minimum of four weeks, unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Occupational Therapist referral for significant* adaptations to the property that cannot be fitted in the existing home or it is not considered reasonable to do so (* to be assessed on a case by case basis by B-with-us partner organisation staff)
  • Households who are at risk in their current home from harassment, violence, or threats of violence (including racial, homophobic and domestic abuse) and can no longer stay there. This will only be awarded by a senior housing officer following consultation with local housing options service
  • Households who are at risk in their current home due to homelessness - this will only be awarded by a participating local authority
  • Applicants who qualify for two or more Band 3 criteria


Band 3

  • Households found to be intentionally homeless or non-priority need
  • People who are going to lose their own accommodation within 8 weeks
  • Standard medical cases
  • People who need to move to a particular locality in the area for welfare, employment or training reasons to avoid hardship. This priority is only valid for bids made on properties within a designated area
  • People living in unsanitary housing (assessed by Environmental Health)
  • Households who qualify for Community Contribution - to qualify for community contribution, any member of the household will need to either be in employment (for 9 out of last 12 months) or been volunteering for a charity or not for profit organisation for a minimum of 10 hours per month for at least 6 months
  • People living in overcrowded housing who have not been assessed as homeless or have not already been awarded threat of homeless priority


  • People living in unsatisfactory housing who have not been assessed as homeless or have not already been awarded threat of homeless priority, but is a licensee and is sharing a living room, kitchen, bathroom or WC with non-household members. (Licensees are lodgers, people staying with friends, relatives, people living in B&B, hostels, caravans, tents etc). 

   For the purpose of this policy, households living with parents will not be classed as Licensees.


Band  4



All other applicants