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Allocations Policy Review

November 2020 Update

The new B-with-us Allocations Policy has been approved by all 17 B-with-us Partner Organisations.

We are now working with our system provider to make some necessary changes to our application form and in our background system.

Once these changes are ready to be implemented, a message will be sent to all applicants to advise them of the date that the new policy will take effect (which will be no earlier than February/March 2021).

When the new policy and system/application form changes are implemented, there will likely be a short period of time (of no more than two weeks) where no properties are advertised and no new applications can be submitted. This is to allow applicants some time to complete some new questions on the application form, and to give staff some time to process these changes.

For the new policy to be implemented, all applicants will have their application put into a 'renewal' state where they will need to login and answer some new questions so that we can determine if they are still eligible to be on the B-with-us Housing Register, and to calculate their new banding. A summary of the main changes can be viewed here.

A shorter summary of each change can be viewed by selecting the below (select each point for more information):

Local Connection



Cumulative Need

Supported move on

Consultation Feedback

We asked our customers to complete a short survey to give their opinions on the proposed changes to the B-with-us Allocations Policy. The consultation ran from 13th December 2019 until 24th January 2020 and was completely anonymous.
We received over 1,900 responses to the consultation and are now in the process of collating the feedback received - when we have further updates on the outcomes of the consultation, they will be updated here.

Applicants will be notified in advance of any changes being implemented to the B-with-us Allocations Policy, and no changes will take place until 2021.