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Allocations Policy Review


The new B-with-us Allocations Policy was approved by all 17 B-with-us Partner Organisations in 2020. Work has been underway since then to make the necessary changes to the system we use to receive, assess, and store applications, and to advertise and shortlist available properties.

Some applicants will find that they are no longer eligible to have an active application with us, or may find that they have a different banding under the new policy. The new policy will mean that there are less active applicants on the B-with-us Housing Register overall, so even though your banding may be lower, there will likely be the same or fewer people above you on shortlists in most cases.
This is because the current B-with-us Allocations Policy was not following Government rules on who should be given priority for an allocation of a social housing property, and the new policy has been updated so that it does meet these rules.

Please note that staff at all B-with-us Partner Organisations will be very busy at this time, so please bear with us and refer to our FAQs page, as you are likely to find the answer to any queries you may have there.

A copy of the new Allocations Policy can be found here please note this policy is not yet in use.


The current B-with-us Allocations Policy can be found on the Documents for Download page.


A summary of the main changes can be viewed here.

A shorter summary of each change can be viewed by selecting the below (select each point for more information):


Implementation Date

We are aiming for the new Allocations Policy to come into effect in mid September 2021. At that time all applicants will automatically move over to the new bandings. Applicants will be notified in advance via Client Message through their application, and by email if they have an email address listed on their application.


Implementation Process

To implement the new Allocations Policy, every active applicant will have their application put into a ‘renewal’ state – this is like the annual renewal applicants have every year on the anniversary of their original registration date.

Whilst your application is in renewal, you will need to login and answer some new application questions, check that any previously entered information is still correct, and submit your application to us.

Once your application has been submitted, staff members at the three B-with-us ‘Processing Partners’ (Calico, Onward and Together) will re-assess your application based on the new information provided.



All applicants will be contacted directly about the upcoming changes, and applicants who are likely to be significantly impacted by the new policy (such as by having their banding changed) will also be contacted directly to notify them of this.

Please refer to our Policy FAQs page for further information.