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The B-with-us policy is changing!

Published: Wednesday 9 March 2016

Transfer applicants (those applicants who are tenants of the partner organisations) with no need, i.e. those in band 3 with only community contribution and all band 4’s, will no longer be eligible to be on the B-with-us register. If you are affected you should have received a letter from your landlord explaining the changes.

The B-with-us policy has been reviewed during the last few months and the changes will be implemented on 1st April 2016. A copy of the new policy can be seen here and a summary of the changes can be seen here.

Mobile website launched

Published: Wednesday 21 January 2015
Mobile website launched



We have recognised that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Sometimes it is very difficult to view website pages on a smaller screen.

To assist our customers we have purchased a mobile friendly website. This site will automatically adjust to different mobile devices.

To access the mobile web site the address is You will use the same login and password as on the main site.

You can see what properties are being advertised, place bids, withdraw bids, send messages and view recent lets; however you will not be able to amend your application.